Violetta 7
Martina Stoessel was chosen by casting.The actor Diego Ramos was casted as Violetta's father by following the auditions sent to Europe has been confirmed.The actress Lodovica Comello who plays Francesca in Violetta was attending school and the director of it said that some people would come to provinare some students and she decided to participate.The actor Ruggero Parasquelli was chosen by proposal.For the second season were also held at the request of casting for fans in the series in Milan,Naples and Rome.

It has been confirmed that most of the cast of the first season except for the actors Rodrigo Velilla,Artur Logunov and the lead actor Pablo Espinosa, will also appear in the second season.It was also announced the inclusion of new characters played by Diego Dominguez who will play the new rival of Leon,Diego.And then actors like Valeria Baroni,Xabiani Ponce De Leon,Paloma Sirven,Gerardo Velasquez,Carala Pandolfi,Valentina Frione and Brigit Mendler made a guest appearance in the second season.

For the third season there will be new characters played by Damien Lauretta,Macarena Miguel and Angela Liberato.